Social Entrepreneur and Diversity Advocate, Kate Senekal, is the founder and director of Sparrow Society, an international empowerment brand that focuses on skills development, job creation and enterprise development through creating economic opportunities in the manufacturing industry while providing an ethical manufacturing and branding service to corporates and organizations around the world. She was awarded the Elizabeth Arden Community Hero Award, has been a speaker at TEDx and the JD Baqwa Leadership Conference and has been featured on the Expresso Show, Afternoon Express, Destiny Magazine, CCFM and Radio Cape Pulpit.


“Born and raised in Texas, USA and immigrated to South Africa in 2007, sometimes it feels like my soul is straddled between 2 completely different worlds. Western & African, Conservative & Liberal, Task Focused & Relationship Focused…. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t face some sort of internal struggle to consolidate the two as even the simplest gesture of a greeting is a daily cultural collision. But while these struggles are exhausting at times, I wouldn’t change a thing. It is precisely these daily collisions that force me to think outside my own boxes, and begin to attempt to unpack and bridge the divides in our society that only seem to be getting wider…”

Founder and Director of:

Sparrow Society

Empowering a more equal and unified society through skills development and job creation.



YES Girl Project

“Empowering girls with a choice for a brighter future through skills training and sustainable scholarships.”


Hear the full story of how and why I started a Social Enterprise!

The Art of Empowerment

Subjects of study, research and speaking include:

  • Gender and Racial Identy & Theology
  • The Case for Diversity / Unity / Reconciliation (re: Body of Christ)
  • Cultural influences on Theological Ethics
  • Social Enterprise / Economic Empowerment
  • Business as Mission